How to Check Car Accident History in UAE

How to Check Car Accident History in UAE

Looking into the accident history while buying an automobile is more important. You may learn more about an automobile by looking into its accident history, and it will also be evident whether the car is reliable and safe to rent.

When you rent a car, the user can still utilize the information you provided to help in their decision.

Do not rent the automobile if the “agent” won’t provide you with a vehicle identification number while you’re making a transaction. You should exercise caution if the vehicle number has been altered, erased, or scraped.

Several websites provide information about past auto accidents in the UAE. The websites listed below might help you check the history of auto accidents.

  • Emirates vehicle gate
  • Abu Dhabi Police
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Dubai Police
  • Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai

There are some instructions for using the Ministry of Interior and Emirates Vehicle Gate. There are no fees or payments necessary to access the material on these websites. To know more, visit Dubai’s official website.

Why Accident Check Is Important

When renting a used automobile in the UAE, the vehicle’s accident history is a deciding factor.

Accident-damaged vehicles frequently have apparent, undetectable, or long-lasting damage that might risk the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and passengers on the road.

Therefore, it is necessary to look into the vehicle’s past and conduct a background check before leaving the garage or rental company.

Even when you take a car from the garage, there can be damage or car repair, and you have yet to notice that later when you leave the vehicle, there can be possible some rental agency can blame you.

Before renting a car from an unknown agency, it is best if you are very careful and do a proper check.

How to check the history of automobile accidents using Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) 

Before beginning, you’ll need the following:

  • The vehicle identification number (VIN) can be located on the registration card for your automobile, or you can look at our instructions here.
  • A profile on EVG (not required, but will give more information)

Please be aware that the website on this page only pertains to automobiles with UAE registrations (i.e. at least once in any Emirate). Vehicles that have recently been imported won’t show any results.

A step-by-step tutorial on using EVG to check the history of auto accidents

Step 1: Visit the EVG website and utilise the Quick Search feature or log in. We made use of Quick Search in this manual. (Please note that the VIN and report numbers have been obscured for privacy reasons.)

Step 2: After selecting “Search,” a new page displaying a list of the car’s recorded accidents will appear.

You can navigate the accident report using the ‘Plus’ and ‘Minus’ buttons at the top if the car has been in more than one accident.

Ministry of Interior (MOI)

To verify a vehicle’s history with the Ministry of Interior (MOI), complete these steps:

Step 1: Start by locating the chassis number of your car.

Step 2: Then go to, which is the MOI website.

Then select “E-Services.”

Step 3: From the drop-down option, “Traffic and Licensing” should be selected, then “Accident Inquiry.”

Step 4: Type the chassis number in the given box.

Step 5: Select “Submit,” and the outcomes will be shown. When an accident occurs, the website displays the location, the date, the time, and the accident report number.

What Does the Car Accidents History Check Include?

It is necessary to admit that a vehicle’s service history is not included in a vehicle accident history check. It intimates documenting the details of a particular car’s crash. Insurance firms for automobiles have access to such information. Let’s learn more about the other features of a vehicle accident record check.

Accident date

The vehicle accident history check includes information on the accident’s date. As a result, it will be able to determine whether the damage is covered. It’s conceivable that the automobile sustained minimal damage if the damage happened in the distant past.

Location of accident

Knowing where the accident occurred can help you understand the type of road the automobile was on at the time. During the accident, the car was involved.

Knowing this information will enable you to assess the severity of the auto damage. If the vehicle was a sports car, significant damage was likely sustained. It was probably just slightly damaged if it was a truck.

Where can I locate my chassis number?

The many methods for determining your chassis number are as follows:

  • The backside of the Registration Card contains the car’s chassis number. 
  • On the driver’s side of the dashboard, the number is printed.
  • The outside door.
  • You can go to the auto dealership where you bought the vehicle if you’re having problems locating it.

How To Get Ready In Advance If Any Accidents Occur In Your Rental Car:

Setting up a plan for how you’ll manage an accident in a rental car is not one of the most enjoyable things to think about while you plan a fun road trip, but it will be worthwhile rather than waiting until you’re really on vacation to sort it out.

  • Charge your rent a car with a credit card that offers secondary coverage or, better yet, main coverage. Even if an annual charge is associated with it, you may save money.
  • The second alternative is to obtain rental vehicle insurance through a third-party car insurance provider if your current insurance policy does not cover car rentals and you want to avoid buying insurance from the car rental business. So consider rental insurance buying of your own.
  • It would help if you had insurance of some kind to drive in Dubai, regardless of where you obtain it from. Your license will probably be suspended if you get into an accident without having insurance.

Do I Need A Damage History Report

You may benefit from having thorough, correct, and independent accident history data on an automobile by:

  • Safeguard against false claims and potential liabilities.
  • Find out if a renter has hidden or even needs to be aware of certain circumstances.
  • Can check for a concede a reasonable and accurate rental price.

It is fantastic if the report has no records of accidents or damage. This vehicle could be ideal for you. As long as it has been fixed correctly, a car may still be dependable, even if it has a history of damage or accidents. You could even receive a better offer.

Request an accident check report if you are renting an automobile, whether from a dealer or a private party. Ideally, the car history will confirm that the information provided during the rental transaction is accurate. If the agency or rental agent declines, it can be a hint to pay close attention to check the car seriously.

What To Do When An Accident Happens In a Rental Car In Dubai?

An accident that happened while you were on vacation is one of the worst things that could ever happen. A car accident is dangerous when driving a rented vehicle on unknown roads.The way an accident is handled in a rental automobile is similar to how it is handled in your car. There are additional complications with rental car insurance and the rental agreement.

Here, there are some things that everyone should consider after an accident in a rental car.

  • Verify everyone’s safety.
  • Provide your personal data.
  • By taking images and making notes, you may provide proof.
  • Speak to your automobile rental provider.
  • If insured, speak with the insurance provider.
  • Check who should pay. If insured, they might cover the claim; if not, the renter should take responsibility for paying the claim.

Whether or not your fault, you must still pay your deductible directly to the rental agency since they have a right to have the vehicle repaired quickly.

In this case, your insurance provider is responsible for pursuing the responsible party, as well as for paying you back.


For their own safety, everyone needs to verify and check the accident once they think of picking up the car from the garage for their safety.

Many people are overcome with accidental damage in the rental car, and without good service, many rental agents may provide it again for another renter.

Some insurance companies ignore accidents that their customers have been involved in during the course of their coverage. Therefore, it’s essential to understand how to research automobile accidents in the UAE to avoid renting a dangerous vehicle.

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