Rent Ford Bronco Wild Trak Dubai at AED 700 plus VAT per Day

Rent Ford Bronco Wild Trak Dubai

The Ford Bronco makes a great first impression rolling down the street. Your off-road adventure will be even more comfortable and secure with this fully loaded 4×4 Wildtrak Ford Bronco if you rent in Formula Drive Rent a Car. You’ll even have a winch as a backup if you truly find yourself in a tough spot. With all the changes, this car is a pleasure to drive on and off the highway.

The Ford Bronco, a Jeep Wrangler brand, will make a significant comeback in 2021. This tough SUV comes with two or four doors and is built on the same chassis as the Ranger midsize truck.

With 35-inch all-terrain tires, electronically locking front and rear differentials, a raised suspension with improved Bilstein dampers, seven G.O.A.T drive modes, including a Baja mode, and other advanced desert-running features, Wildtrak is a top-tier configuration.

The optional 330-hp twin-turbo 2.7-liter V-6, 10-speed transmission, four-wheel drive with a full-time Auto 4HI mode, and a smaller final drive ratio are also mandated if the Wildtrak checkbox is enabled.

In contrast to the current Wrangler, the new Ford Bronco is wider and longer; depending on the trim and extras, it may also be shorter or taller. Strong roof pillars with conventional side-curtain airbags are visible when the doors and top are removed.

How To Rent Ford Bronco Wild Trak Dubai?

To rent Ford Bronco Wild Trak, you can easily get into our website and book your car quickly. Though this is a fast-moving car, the availability of this car is always in demand. So you can check the availability on our website so easily.

You can even visit our agency and get a rental car our office staff will make you feel more comfortable than our cars. Our agency has a policy for renting a vehicle that the age should be between 23 to 25.

If you are an Emirates citizen, then you need to submit the proper proof-like Emirates ID and the UAE driving license. When you are a citizen of another country, you must give your passport and International Driving license.

What is the experience you get while renting in Dubai?

The greater part of the driving experience in the Bronco is, in fact, really enjoyable. Compared to the Bronco, which has an independent front suspension and thick tires, the Wrangler’s solid front axle makes the Jeep far less comfortable in daily driving.

In this Ford Bronco Wild Trak, Other features include Paddle Shift (Triptronic), Power Seats, LCD Screens, Leather Seats, Push Button Ignition, SRS Airbags, and more.

Other features include a 3D Surround Camera, Blind Spot Warning, and Parking Assist.

Secured with Adaptive Cruise Control, Digital HUD, Temperature Controlled Seats, Built-in GPS, Reverse Camera, Parking Sensors, Steering Assist, Day-time Running Lights, Tinted Windows, and more.

How much does it cost to rent Ford Bronco Wild Trak in Dubai?

In Formula Drive Rent a Car, we offer Ford Bronco with the cost of AED 1000 per day with a security deposit of AED 3000. There is no comparison between the Bronco and the Jeep Wrangler other than the fact that the Bronco has almost every advantage over the Jeep Wrangler, with the only exception being the Wrangler’s solid front axle.

But if you rent this, I think the Ford Bronco will be well worth it. It is far more pleasant on the road than its main rival and fully equipped with reliable technology and many personal amenities. The Bronco is the most recent in Dubai’s many highways and deserts, whether it ends up in the dirt or not.

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