Rent Kia Pegas Dubai at AED 120/Day

AED 120.00 AED 120.00

Rent Kia Pegas Dubai

Kia Pegas is a China-made car that holds with great interiors with modest proportions. This sedan-type car is a compact one for a family. As a sleek and stylish vehicle, Kia Pegas strives to attract even young customers in Dubai. It is one of the finest cars in Kia’s brand with high-quality materials and comfortable seating for traveling on highways.

At Formula Drive Rent a Car, We offer Kia Pegas for rent in Dubai, Dubai Marina, and Dubai Mall regions. This Kia Pegas is one of the favorites for those who love a lavish interior and this is inexpensive with great features inside the car when compared to other cars.

Our Blue color Kia Pegas comes with a sole engine and it derives with a 1.4-liter engine with four cylinders producing 95BHP at 6000RPM and 132NM torque at 4000RPM with automatic transmission and Electronic stability control this Pegas is lightweight it can go with a top speed of 180kph. 0-100kph in 13.1seconds and it has a fuel efficiency of 17.9km/l.

How To Rent Kia Pegas in Dubai?

We offer one of the most modern rental cars that are less than a year old, with rapid pick-up and key-collecting services so you don’t have to come to our office, you can get through online by visiting our website, and then the car will be delivered to you.

So you may rent a car for days, weeks, months, short or long term (Check the destinations available in Dubai). Keep in mind that we offer discounted rates during the off-season.

According to UAE RTA regulations, your age should be 21 to rent a car in Dubai. But here at Formula Drive Rent a Car the age should be between 23 to 25 to rent a car.

You need to provide a passport, driving license, and international driving permit if you are a visitor to Dubai.

What is the experience you get while renting Kia Pegas Dubai?

Dubai is becoming a developing tourist country and it enlarges its roads and tourist places in many. Not all the people there cannot afford supercars for rent so this Kia Pegas is the best choice with many specifications in both interior and exterior styling for this cheap price.

In today’s Dubai, there is a lot to explore here and even for business meetings time management is necessary, So Kia Pegas is the best car and the best way to reach the place on time with this sedan model in Dubai.

If you are using cars just to travel from one place to another place this Kia Pegas is the best choice. Many people in Dubai used to travel in this for their convenience with cost efficiency.

This Kia Pegas gives you the most ease and comfort in traveling wherever you want to go at an inexpensive rate and there is smart technology in the Pegas to connect easily with your mobile and to communicate effortlessly.

How much is it to rent a Kia Pegas in Dubai?

Our price for renting Kia Pegas Dubai in advance with AED 1500 and AED 120 for a day.

We Formula Drive Rent a Car offer you the best price for traveling all around Dubai at a lower price. If you are interested in other Economy cars, SUVs, or other sports cars you can also check our garage on our website.

We charge a security deposit of AED 1500 for renting a Kia Pegas and it will be refunded to your account after you end up your drive as other agencies also follow up on this.

You will be charged AED 5 upon crossing every Salik (toll) gate. You will be billed at the end of your rental duration. The Salik amount may be deducted from your security deposit or you can pay for it separately.
As per RTA, all rental cars in the UAE are provided with comprehensive insurance (a.k.a. basic insurance). This means that by default, you are covered in case of accidental damage provided it isn’t your fault. A police report must be obtained at the time of an accident. Your rental amount includes basic coverage. Most car rental companies provide CDW (collision damage waiver) for an additional charge. This covers you for any accidental damage by your own fault as well. However, a valid police report is still required for coverage.
The car rental security deposit between AED 1000 – AED 10,000 is taken at the start of the rental. It is released max 30 days after the car is returned. It may be returned to you by bank transfer, cash deposit into your bank account, or cheque. Security block by credit card pre-authorization is better as it is automatically released by the bank on the same credit card within 30 days.
All rental cars come with a standard mileage limit based on your rental period. However, some companies offer unlimited mileage as well. Custom mileage limit packages for an additional charge may be available. To calculate your mileage, the car rental agreement mentions the km on the car’s odometer at the start of your rental. If you exceed the allowed km, additional charges apply. For this car, AED 5 / km is chargeable above the included mileage limit.
The legal age to rent a vehicle (car, van, pick-up truck, SUV, or any other) in the UAE is 21 years old as per RTA regulations. However, this largely depends on the insurance policy issued to the car by the car rental company. The minimum age maybe 23 years and even 25 years, in some cases.
If you’re a UAE Resident… UAE Driving License Emirates ID (Residential Visa may be acceptable) If you’re a Tourist / Visitor… Passport Visit Visa (with Entry Stamp) Driving License from Home Country International Driving Permit (IDP) Visitors from the GCC, US, UK, Canada, Europe, and certain other countries can drive with their home country driving license, without the need of an IDP The minimum age to rent the listed car is 23 years old.

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