Abandoned Cars In Dubai


Dubai, the city of car lovers, has a lot of different makes and types of cars. Here, you can find a wide range of cars that people want, from SUVs and sedans to luxury sports cars and unusual cars. 


In Dubai, you may also find many expensive and exotic cars left in parking places or scrap yards. After being left in Dubai, these cars are sold for a small amount of what they were worth. This book has everything you need to know about abandoned cars in Dubai.

Dubai’s streets, airport parking lots, and municipal parking spaces find 3,000 abandoned cars annually. BMW, Bugatti, Audi, Ferrari, and more are represented. Dubai has several abandoned expensive cars due to debt, migration, or impoundment.

How to buy abandoned cars in Dubai?

Dubai residents abandon 2,000–3,000 cars annually. Dubai residents ditch their cars at Dubai Airport or in public parking lots. Dubai streets often have abandoned cars. 


Dubai police collect, and auction abandoned autos. Abandoned cars are sold to dealers who can bid. These dealers help their ideal customers buy a car. Dubai auto auctions and reliable agencies sell abandoned cars. 


Live auctions are invite-only. After showing verification of deposit funds, registered purchasers are invited to the auction.

Buy abandoned cars from auction agents in Dubai

You can also buy cars abandoned by reputed auction agencies located in Dubai. These agents hold auctions in Dubai. In addition, there is a business that holds car auctions in Dubai, where buyers and sellers can find a variety of autos, ranging from luxury to exotic. These auctions take place regularly.

Dubai abandoned cars price

Dumped cars cost less than new or used ones. At abandoned automobile auctions, SUVs, hatchbacks, sedans, and vintage cars sell for a fraction of their value. These automobiles may have minor problems. Before buying, the car must be inspected and serviced.


The low cost of abandoned autos attracts buyers. The abandoned automobile auction sells cheap SUVs and luxury cars at a fraction of their original value. These automobiles may have minor problems. Before closing a deal, inspect its condition.


  • Albina B7, which costs $34000–$37000 new, might sell for $12,000.
  • BMW 6 series, which costs $121,427 new, may sell for $75,000.
  • THE NEW BMW X5, which costs $72,137, might sell for $4,000.
  • Ferrari California T, in good condition and at $270,000 new, may sell for $35,000. Repair may cost $4,000.
  • $19,000 buys a 2016 Range Rover Sports.
  • A good-condition 2016 Ferrari FF priced at $108,896 new might sell for $68,000.


It is simple to fall prey to luxury and excess, but they can become a burden if they are not well controlled. By studying Dubai’s abandoned supercars, we may prevent wasteful spending, benefiting both our companies and our wallets.


Because of the large number of discarded and wrecked vehicles, the scrapyard in Dubai is one of the wealthiest and most valuable in the world. It has the most expensive cars that are rusting away. Make use of this deserted heaven for premium automobiles.


Yes. If an abandoned car is unclaimed after six months, it must be auctioned off and sold cheaply. You can speak with a certified car dealer who buys a vehicle from an auction and then sells it to interested parties. They can guide you through the procedure and help you buy the car.

Dubai holds invitation-only auctions for abandoned vehicles. Auctions for abandoned vehicles in Dubai require interested parties to register with the authorities first. You’ll need proof of funds to put down the required deposit on an automobile. In addition, you need to register to be sent an invitation to the auction.

After going bankrupt, they often leave the country and the luxury cars behind because, under Sharia law, not paying a bill is a crime, and the person is sent to jail.

Dubai has a graveyard for supercars. They are sometimes left in airports and other parking lots by their owners.

Most people who buy expensive and unusual cars are giving them up for various reasons. This rise in abandoned cars around Dubai is a big reason why car prices in Dubai are at a record low. People now use old cars instead of buying brand-new ones because they are cheaper.

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