Best Fishing Spots In Dubai

Fishing fans from all over the globe will find Dubai to be a paradise with its magnificent shoreline and pristine seas. This city is a perfect location for those wanting the excitement of pulling in the big catch, offering everything from serene shorelines to deep-sea activities. 

If you drive to the fishing location in Dubai, it will be a fun and pleasurable journey.

In this guide, we’ll delve into Dubai’s top fishing locations, which guarantee not only fantastic fishing opportunities but also magnificent scenery and priceless experiences. Whatever your degree of expertise with fishing, Dubai has various options for you to throw your first line, whether you’re an expert or a beginner.

Al Garhoud Bridge

Al Garhoud Bridge

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has a thriving fishing community. It’s under the bridge and is well-known for its large fish. It is simple to travel to the place, and internet instructions are available. On YouTube, many fishing enthusiasts have uploaded videos detailing their trips to Al Garhoud Bridge.

Al Maktoum Bridge


The Al Maktoum Bridge in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a well-liked fishing place, as seen in several YouTube videos. It may be reached on foot and is situated underneath the bridge. In the films, anglers capture various species, including kingfish and monster fish, while casting from the shore. Local fishermen are familiar with the location, making it a suitable place for fishing aficionados to test their luck.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach

The ideal location for individuals seeking to have fun in the sun is Jumeirah Public Beach. There are likely slick rocky areas all across the fishing area at Jumeirah Beach. 


Jumeirah Beach is the perfect location for fishing fans who want to take in both the fishing experience and the city’s beauty because it also provides a beautiful view of the Dubai skyline. However, due to the possibly slick fishing region and the numerous unstable rocky surfaces, only specialists are advised to use it.

Al Aryam

Al Aryam

Al Aryam Island is another excellent fishing location, but you must be willing to leave Dubai. The fact that one can readily find many different species of fish here, such as mackerels and breams, makes it a worthwhile excursion.

Al Bateen Beach


Since it is in Abu Dhabi, fishing here requires leaving Dubai. Although it is beside Hodariyat Bridge, the beach is less crowded than other nearby popular beaches. Fishermen must understand that permission is required and that they may catch stingrays, kingfish, and hammerhead sharks here.

Al Seif Road Dubai Creek


Al Seef, a 2017 construction project in Dubai’s Al Fahidi district, is a 1.8 km seaside promenade. It blends conventional and modern styles, representing the city’s past and future, and is close to Dubai Creek. 


The region has historic and modern buildings, giving visitors a sense of being in another era. Al Seef is a well-liked spot for eating, shopping, and sightseeing, and it’s reachable from the Red or Green Line stations at Bur Dubai.

Hameem Beach


Hameem Beach offers fishing opportunities, but getting there also requires leaving Dubai because it is in Abu Dhabi. Despite being remote, you may enjoy excellent fishing in this location because of its idiosyncrasies. The most typical fish found here is mackerel; however, there are other kinds.


This location is known for having one of the most beautiful and tranquil camping areas, so it’s not only about fishing. It is also appropriate for picnics with family and friends.

Dubai Creek


Another fantastic location for recreational fishing is Dubai Creek Park. The city is divided into two sections, Deira and Bur Dubai, by a natural seawater inlet. The location is well-known for its swarms, Kingfish, and Hammour. Dubai Creek is where the city’s history and current coexist.

Best time to fish in Dubai

It is simpler to capture fish throughout the winter, from October to May, when they swim closer to the surface. In winter, you might have little trouble catching tuna, kingfish, and king mackerel.


Fish hide deeper in the sea when it’s summer in Dubai. Therefore, to try your luck at deep sea fishing during the summer when the heat is not as harsh, try it before sunrise or after sunset. If sailfish and queenfish are what you’re looking for, June through September is the best time to catch them.

How to get a fishing license in Dubai?

Fishing is quite popular in Dubai and around the UAE. No of the species, a license is now required for anybody who wants to fish in Dubai.


In addition, a fishing license applicant in Dubai must be a national or resident. AED 500 to AED 1,000 will be assessed as a fine for fishing without a license. 


By visiting the Environment Department’s Natural Resources Protection Section office in Abu Hail or by using the government’s online application system, you may apply for a fishing license in the emirate.

Types of licenses

Recreational Fishing License

A recreational fishing permit enables fishermen to cast a fishing rod or line from a boat in certain regions of Dubai’s coastal waterways. An additional year of the permission may be obtained.


The following information relates to Dubai’s recreational fishing license: You can only apply for a recreational fishing license in Dubai from November to May. To protect the local fish resources, the service is not offered from June to October.


You must present the following information to get a recreational fishing license: 


  • a copy of your passport, an Emirates ID (with proof of residency for visitors)
  • a high-resolution portrait of yourself 
  • a boat license (if you intend to fish recreationally from a boat). 


A recreational fishing license in Dubai may require additional documentation from non-citizens.


Non-residents must submit proof of residency in Dubai, such as a tenancy contract/ownership certificate or DEWA energy bill, to receive a recreational fishing license in Dubai.

Artisanal Fishing License

The artisanal fishing license is intended for UAE citizens who want to fish in the maritime seas of the UAE. To get this license, though, you must first get permission from the neighborhood fishing association. The following papers are necessary to get an artisanal fishing license in Dubai:


  • Service Application Form 
  • Coast Guard Group – Fourth Squadron Boat Testing Certificate  
  • Ministry of Climate Change and Environment approval.


You can call the Environment Department at 800-900 for additional information about getting a recreational or artisanal fishing license in Dubai.


Dubai’s fishing locations provide a remarkable fusion of breathtaking natural scenery and exhilarating angling chances. Dubai offers a variety of activities, whether you like the peace and quiet of freshwater lakes or the challenge of deep-sea fishing. To have great experiences along the emirate’s stunning coastlines, pack your kit, respect the environment, and get ready.


In Dubai, a fishing license is required regardless of the sort of fish being caught. Application for a fishing license in Dubai is only open to locals and nationals. To fish in Dubai, tourists must work via authorized sellers.

Service Application Form, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Approval, and Coast Guard Group – Fourth Squadron Boat Testing Certificate.

Fish species found in Dubai include Blackfish, Bluefish, Catfish, Queenfish, Sherry, Porgy, Hammour, Flounder, Snapper, Grouper, Cobia, Kingfish, Barracuda, Fluke, Tuna, Small Shark, and Travely. The deeper seas off the coast of Dubai are also home to rare species, including Sailfish, Dorado, and Yellowfin Tuna.

You can anticipate that knowledgeable captains and crew will take you to some of the greatest fishing locations on a deep-sea fishing excursion in Dubai. All essential gear and bait are provided by the charter companies, and they may even clean and prepare your fish for you. From the ocean, you may anticipate seeing some breathtaking vistas of the Dubai shoreline.

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