Toyota cars have emerged as an enduring symbol of automotive excellence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In a country known for its opulence and a landscape that ranges from vast deserts to bustling urban centers, Toyota vehicles have found a unique place in the hearts and driveways of residents. 

This article explores the enduring appeal of Toyota cars in the UAE, highlighting the key factors that have made them a trusted choice among the diverse population of this dynamic nation.

Toyota is well known for its dependable and tough automobiles that can survive the UAE’s challenging driving and weather conditions. Future buyers will find them a desirable option because of the good resale value of their automobiles. 

Toyota provides various vehicles to suit different requirements and lifestyles, such as tiny hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Because of this variety, clients may select a Toyota vehicle that meets their needs, whether they need it for off-road excursions, family mobility, or business use.

What makes Toyota cars popular in the UAE?

Toyota cars have gained immense popularity in the UAE due to their reputation for reliability in harsh desert conditions, impressive fuel efficiency in a high-priced fuel market, strong resale value, and their ability to tackle desert adventures with ease. These qualities have made Toyota a trusted and preferred choice among UAE residents.

Best 7 Toyota cars in UAE

Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander, initially released in 2001, will be available in the UAE in 2023 at a price between AED 156,900 and AED 181,900. The midsize SUV is ranked 13th on the list of the Best Midsize SUVs, trailing only the 2023 Kia Telluride and 2023 Hyundai Palisade. 

Six trim levels and a turbo-four engine are standard equipment on the Toyota Highlander 2023. It features three rows of seats with enough for seven or eight passengers. 

The car offers a sizable cargo area with a volume behind the third row of seats of 16 cubic feet; when the third and second rows are folded, there are 84.3 cubic feet. 

An 8-inch touch screen, a wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, a WiFi hotspot, satellite radio, Bluetooth, five USB ports, a six-speaker audio system, tri-zone automatic climate control, remote keyless entry, and push button start are all included as standard features.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser

The pricing range for the 7-seat Toyota Land Cruiser 2023 in the UAE is AED 233,900 to 398,900. There are two engines, two engine configurations, and one automatic transmission choice. 

Based on the features, mileage, comfort of the seats, and engine performance, the Land Cruiser has gotten five reviews. In the UAE market, it is rivaled by the Nissan Patrol and the Tahoe, Q7, and XC90. 

The Land Cruiser had a considerable makeover in 2016, practically making the 2018 model the same as the 2017 model. A new model with various improvements is anticipated 2022 to transform the dune basher into a luxurious highway barge and keep Toyota competitive in a shifting market.

Toyota Corolla

The 2023 Corolla model in the UAE has yet to receive any official word from Toyota, although it is anticipated to provide a comparable driving experience to existing Corolla models. 

The appearance of the 2023 Corolla is anticipated to be sleeker and more modern, and the inside is anticipated to be roomy and equipped with cutting-edge technologies and safety features. 

Along with sophisticated safety features like lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control, it will also provide various powertrain options, including fuel-efficient hybrid models. 

It is anticipated that further information will be released on the UAE price, features, and specs of the 2023 Corolla. Despite its popularity in the UAE market, the Corolla is anticipated to continue offering a dependable and practical driving experience.

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is renowned for its utility, fuel efficiency, and durability and is the second most popular used Toyota vehicle in the UAE. It will come with cutting-edge safety technologies, including lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control, starting in 2023. 

It will be offered with a 3.5L V6 and 2.5L V6 engine. In the UAE, further information about the features and cost of the 2023 Camry will be made available. Because of the Camry’s standing in the market, driving is safe and comfortable.

Toyota Yaris

A 1.5-liter engine with 106 horsepower and 103 lb-ft of torque will power the 2023 Yaris. It will be mated to either a CVT or a six-speed manual transmission. Its exterior will be redesigned with a modern, sporty look that includes new alloy wheels, new alloy wheels, improved lighting, grille features, and a revamped rear spoiler. 

It will have a roomy interior and be fitted with contemporary entertainment and safety features, including lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, a backup camera, and rear cross-traffic alert.

Toyota Urban Cruiser

The Toyota Urban Cruiser has significantly impacted the UAE automotive market. This compact SUV combines style, efficiency, and versatility, making it an ideal choice for urban driving in the bustling cities of the UAE. 

Its compact size makes it maneuverable through tight city streets, while its fuel-efficient engine is perfect for long commutes in a region with high fuel costs. 

The Toyota Urban Cruiser offers a comfortable interior and a range of advanced features, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable driving experience. With Toyota’s renowned reliability, this SUV has quickly become popular for those seeking a practical and stylish vehicle in the UAE.

Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner is a popular midsize SUV in the UAE due to its ruggedness, versatility, and reliability. It suits the UAE’s diverse terrains, including deserts, mountains, and urban areas. 

The Fortuner’s powerful engine and four-wheel-drive system make it a favorite among desert enthusiasts. Its ample interior space and modern amenities make it suitable for daily commutes and family outings. The Fortuner’s strong resale value makes it an appealing choice for Emiratis and expatriates.

Toyota UAE Car Prices 2023

Cars Prices
Toyota Land Cruiser
AED 231,900 – 398,900
Toyota Fortuner
AED 122,900 – 167,900
Toyota Corolla
AED 73,900 – 80,900
Toyota Rush
AED 69,900 – 74,900
Toyota Camry
AED 98,900 – 134,900
Toyota Yaris Sedan
AED 61,900 – 71,900
Toyota Avalon
AED 148,900 – 173,900
Toyota Highlander
AED 156,900 – 181,900
Toyota Urban Cruiser
AED 79,900 – 84,900


In the ever-evolving landscape of the UAE’s automotive market, Toyota cars stand tall, embodying the values of reliability, durability, and adaptability. From the sleek city streets to the challenging desert terrains, Toyota’s diverse range of vehicles caters to the needs and preferences of UAE residents. 

With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, Toyota’s presence in the UAE remains as steadfast as the desert sands, promising a bright and exciting automotive future for all who choose to drive with Toyota.

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