Best 10 Day Trips from Dubai


Dubai is best known for its luxury, modern buildings, high-end shopping, and living like you’re on vacation. Even though the city is full of fun things to do and unique ways to have adventures, it is just one of the seven beautiful emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is the best place to start if you want to get out of your hometown and explore more about it. We made this list for tourists and locals who want to explore the city’s natural surroundings and the rich culture of the nearby emirates.

Rent a car to visit your favorite places near Dubai so that you can reach in a day. But trust us, once you know how much there is to do, you’ll want to stay much longer.


Mleiha is in Sharjah Emirate. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers a unique desert experience. Apart from the strange scenery of jagged fossil rocks sticking out of orange dunes, the desert has a lot of exciting things to do for curious travelers and people who want to try new things.

It includes the Fossil Rock walk, the Al Faya mountain range, off-roading, dune-bashing, desert safaris, camping, glamping, and the Buhais geology center, which resembles a space station. In short, Mleiha is a must-visit place for everyone visiting Dubai, UAE.

Desert Safari

Dubai is known not only for its great facilities but also for its daring spirit. As the city is centered on empty dessert,  It has some desert safari choices, which helps entertain people better in the desert.

The event is unique and well worth the money. People can camp in the desert and enjoy an Arabian dinner, belly dancing, and other traditional shows. 

On a day trip, you can try activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, quad racing, camel rides, and more.

Hatta Lake

Hatta is a part of Dubai that sits at the foot of the Hajar Mountains. It is known for its beautiful blue seas and various outdoor activities. Visitors can take a kayak and float along the calm waters of the Hatta Dam, surrounded by the Arabian Peninsula’s biggest mountain range.


If you are in Dubai in spring or summer, you can cool off in the temperature-controlled pools. There are also many trails for walking and biking. 


In winter, the Hatta Wadi Hub opens with activities like shooting, ax throwing, rope courses, and more.

Ferrari World

Ferrari World is the first “Ferrari-themed” park. Here visitors enjoy its unique rides that give them a rush of excitement. In addition to the exciting rides, you can try the state-of-the-art simulators, watch live shows, drive electric go-karts, and buy a real Ferrari race car.


Ferrari World is on Yas Island, the world’s biggest indoor theme park. It has rides and activities that are all about Ferrari. It is also home to the biggest Ferrari shop and a wide range of real Italian restaurants. 


Among the most exciting rides are the world’s highest ride, Flying Aces, as well as the fastest roller coaster.

Sights of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a wealthy city with a stylish mix of old and new buildings. It is the main city of UAE and the biggest of the seven emirates. It has some of the best theme parks in the world, a branch of the Louvre Museum, and sands that go on forever.

Take a day trip to the nearby Liwa Oasis or a desert tour in Abu Dhabi. The other choice is to go to Saadiyat Beach, lay out in the sun, and chill out at one of the bars.

Abu Dhabi grew from a small fishing village to a megacity in just a few decades, and now it is one of the best cities for oil in the world. Abu Dhabi, unlike Dubai, has kept its unique Arabian culture and has a long history of 3000 B.C. 

The desert city is also home to some of the most beautiful and rustic old towns, showing its long history as a trading post. You can jump off the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, ride the world’s fastest roller coaster, see Arab royalty from the past at the Emirates Palace, and more.

Musandam Peninsula's Coast

The Omani exclave of Musandam ( Dubai to Musandam) is known for its fjord-like inlets and turquoise waves. It has been called “the Norway of Arabia.” There are a lot of companies that give trips on traditional wooden dhows, and seeing dolphins is almost certain. 

Most tours include transportation to and from the island, a free lunch, and plenty of time to swim and fish. Boats leave from either Dibba on the east coast or Khasab at the northern tip of the peninsula. Khasab has more beautiful scenery, though.


Fujairah is on the Gulf of Oman, and the water there is clearer and has more kinds of sea life than the water around Dubai. Snoopy Island is about 100m (350ft) off the coast of Al Aqah. 

Snorkelers like it because they often see turtles and groups of clownfish. Local dive shops offer shore dives and boat trips to famous spots like Dibba Rock, Coral Gardens, and different wrecks.


The small emirate of Ajman, which is north of Sharjah, doesn’t have a lot of tourist attractions, but it does have a nice seashore with beaches, a beautiful mosque, a center for building dhow ships, and a beautiful old fort that is now a museum. 

On Ajman Creek, the Ajman Marina is part of the upscale neighborhood of Al Zorah, which is under construction. This community will have hotels, apartment buildings, and places to have fun. 

The best beaches in Ajman are only for guests of high-end hotels, but some beaches are open to the public. Walking along the coast in the evening, you can witness a beautiful sunset.


Ultimately, Dubai is a great place to start experiencing the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the world. Thanks to its central location and good transportation links, the area has many interesting places to visit.

There is something for everyone, whether they are interested in history, culture, or excitement. There are so many places to go, from the beautiful beaches of Oman to the busy streets of Dubai. Why not start planning your 10-day trip from Dubai right now?

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