Eye Test For Driving License In Dubai

Eye Test For Driving License In Dubai

In order to obtain a licence to drive a vehicle in Dubai, one must first fulfil various requirements, one of which is to pass an eye exam.

The vision test is a mandatory component of getting a driver’s licence since it ensures that prospective motorists have the level of vision required to drive a car safely on public roads.

In this introductory piece, we will discuss the significance of the eye exam required to obtain a driver’s licence in Dubai, as well as its role in ensuring motorists’ safety.

Validity of the eye test for driving license

When applying for a driver’s licence in Dubai, you will need to take an eye exam. The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) may, at its own discretion, place extra conditions or limits on this exam.  


The results of the eye exam are accurate for a period of one year. It is always advisable to check with the RTA or the licencing facilities for the most up-to-date information on the validity of the eye exam required for a driving licence in Dubai. This information may be found at the RTA.

Minimum vision requirements for passing the test

The visual acuity of the better eye must be at least 6/12 in order to be considered adequate without the use of corrective lenses or eyeglasses. The better eye needs to have a vision of at least 6/6 without the use of corrective lenses.

Applicants are expected to demonstrate by completing a colour vision test that they possess the visual acuity necessary to perceive and distinguish between various shades. The requirements for obtaining a driver’s licence in each state vary with regard to colour vision.

In addition, the eye exam will test the patient’s depth perception, which is essential for accurately judging distances between objects. It is possible that the evaluators will provide further information on the specific criteria for depth perception.

Approved RTA Eye Test Centers in Dubai

Several optical stores in Dubai have been approved by RTA to conduct driving license eye tests. Some are listed below,

Barakat Opticals

In Dubai, Barakat Optical is well-known for being one of the organizations that provide eye tests to issue driving licenses. These exams are required to obtain a driving license.

To be granted a license to drive a vehicle in Dubai, you will be required to provide evidence that you have completed an eye exam.

The RTA has given its stamp of approval to Barakat Optical, an optical clinic with multiple locations spread out around Dubai.

Max Vision

Max Vision is one of the most well-known businesses in Dubai, and it is one of the few that provides eye exams that the RTA has recognized to get driving licenses.

A thorough assessment of an applicant’s vision is carried out by their team of experienced optometrists, who do so while keeping in mind the specific standards that must be met to pass the driving test.

Grand Optics

In Dubai, the Grand Optics store chain has an impressively large presence. Because the testing rooms are spotless, modern, and comfortable, you may be confident that the results of your eye exam will be comprehensive and accurate.
Grand Optics has been in business for more than twenty years, and they provide the most comprehensive eye exams for motorists.

Yateem Opticians

Yateem Opticians is in charge of administering the eye tests necessary for obtaining a driver’s licence for the first time or renewing an existing one.

Next, the optical shop will upload the eye exam results to the relevant RTA portal using the required format.

The eye clinic is trusted by both the Abu Dhabi Police and the Sharjah Police to provide vision tests necessary for issuing driver’s licences.

Procedure for Renewing a Driving License in Dubai

You need to follow a specific procedure to renew your driving license in Dubai. Here is a summary of the steps in general:

Obtaining an RTA eye test from an approved centre

To obtain an RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) eye test for a driving license in Dubai, you can follow these steps:

Find an approved eye test centre: Visit the official RTA website or contact the RTA call centre to obtain a list of approved eye test centres in Dubai.

Schedule an appointment: Contact the chosen eye test centre and schedule an appointment for your RTA eye test.

Visit the eye test centre: On the scheduled date and time, visit the approved eye test centre.

Submit the test results to the RTA: Take the sealed eye test report to the RTA.

Complete the licensing process: Once you have submitted the necessary documents, the RTA will process your application.

Renewal process at the RTA or designated centres

The following is a rundown of the steps that need to be taken in order to successfully renew your driver’s licence in Dubai using a machine that provides self-service.

After inputting your driver’s license number and making the necessary price payment with a credit card, the Self Service Machine will allow you to print off your license at no further cost.

COVID-19-related exceptions or changes to eye test requirements

Dubai residents who had previously conducted an eye test at an authorised centre within the past two years were exempted from retaking the test during the license renewal process. This measure aimed to minimise unnecessary visits and streamline the renewal procedure.

Eye Test for Abu Dhabi Driving License in Dubai

Here are the general steps you can follow to take the eye test for an Abu Dhabi driving license while in Dubai:

Contact the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department: Reach out to the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department or the General Directorate of Traffic and inquire about the specific procedure for taking the eye test in Dubai.

Locate Approved Optical Centers: Request a list of approved optical centres in Dubai from the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department.

Schedule an Appointment: Choose a convenient optical centre from the approved list and schedule an appointment for the eye test.

Submit the Test Results: Submit the eye test results to the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department, following their instructions.

Complete the Licensing Process: After submitting the eye test results, continue with the remaining steps of the licensing process as outlined by the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department.

Similarities and differences compared to Dubai's requirements

All Emirates in the United Arab Emirates recognise the same driving licence. In the United Arab Emirates, all driver’s licences are identical. If the 36 countries in question recognise UAE driving licences, then your Ras Al Khaimah or other Emirate-issued licences will also be valid there.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai, both in the United Arab Emirates, share a location on the shore of the Arabian Gulf. Both of these cities have state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. They offer many amenities and services, making them ideal for business and leisure travellers.


In conclusion, the vision exam is an essential component that must be passed to be eligible for a driver’s license in Dubai. It guarantees that drivers have adequate visual acuity to navigate the roadways safely. Rent a car in Dubai providers also prioritize safety, often requiring drivers to meet specific vision requirements before renting a vehicle. The authorities hope that by conducting these exams, they will be able to reduce the number of accidents caused by impaired vision. Aspiring motorists are responsible for putting their eye health first and seeking trained professionals’ advice to ensure they meet the requirements. Ultimately, the emphasis placed on drivers’ visual acuity creates a more secure environment for those driving on Dubai’s roadways.

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