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Everything You Need to Know About Salik in Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city that offers both modern convenience and old culture. Salik, or “Smooth Traffic Flow,” is one of the laws and regulations that must be observed to ensure safe and efficient travel in the United Arab Emirates.

Salik is an electronic toll collection system that collects road tolls from vehicles traveling through several places in the UAE. Each journey through Salik costs 4 AED.


This blog discusses what Salik is, the documents required for salik registration, how to pay related fees, violations, and tag costs, methods for avoiding additional fees, troubleshooting, and frequently asked questions regarding using Salik in Dubai.

How to get a salik tag?

As the Salik system requires a Salik tag, you must acquire one. This requires you to fill out a registration form, which is available at a number of locations in the city, including:


  • RTA Client Service Centers
  • Fuel stations including EPPCO/ ENOC, Emarat, and ADNOC petrol stations
  • Branches of banks such as Emirates NBD Bank and Dubai Islamic Bank

Documents Required for Salik Registration

Registering a commercial vehicle with the Abu Dhabi tolls is a simple process. You should to complete the standard paperwork detailing the business and the car in question. The following are a list of what can be required for registering a salik in Abu Dhabi.


  • A copy of the original business licence (if required) and the original licence itself.
  • Provide the following information in a letter from the company that has been stamped and signed.
    • Corporate and company representative
    • Email Address
    • Mobile Number
    • Traffic code number
  • The number of vehicles that you wish to activate in the toll gate system, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.
  • When describing your car, you might want to add the following:
    • License plate number
    • Colour and Code
    • Category  
    • Source


You might have to provide extra paperwork when applying to certain businesses. But, if you complete the mentioned procedures, you will be able to register your commercial cars.

Salik Violations

Two primary categories of violations require your notice when driving in the city:

Insufficient Funds – Dh50 fine

If your Salik account does not have at least Dh50 in it, you will be penalised. In this way, the toll system can deduct the correct amount from users’ prepaid accounts. Hence, every time you go through a toll booth, Dh4 will be deducted from your account. If not enough is there, there may be penalties. 


To avoid getting a ticket at the toll booth, make sure you have enough money in your Salik account to cover the fare within five business days. If you fail to pay your toll and drive below a toll gate, you will be charged Dh50 each day.

Unregistered Plate – Dh100 to Dh400 fine

If your vehicle doesn’t already have a Salik tag but you’ve driven through a toll gate, you have until 10 days after your first journey to register for one. If you don’t follow the rules, you’ll have to pay the fees listed below.


  • After 10 days, the toll plaza costs D100 the first time you use it.
  • The cost of the return travel is Dh200.
  • Every additional time you go through a toll plaza will cost you Dh400.


According to Salik’s website, drivers are only allowed one ticket each day. This means that a single violation will be recorded even if the toll gate is used numerous times in a single day.

Salik Gates in Dubai

Al Barsha Salik Gate

Toll Fee: Dhs4

Where: Route E11, Sheikh Zayed Road.


Al Garhoud Bridge Salik Gate

Toll Fee: Dhs4

Where: Route E11, Sheikh Rashid Road. Near Dubai Creek, Al Garhoud.


Al Maktoum Bridge Salik Gate

Toll Fee: Dhs4

Free from Thursday, 10pm until Saturday, 6am.

Where: Dubai Creek, near Tariq Bin Ziyad Road 


Al Mamzar South Salik Gate

Toll Fee: Dhs4

A single charge will be applied to drivers who pass through Al Mamzar South and North gates within an hour.

Where: Route E11, Al Ittihad Street. Near Al Nahada, Deira.


Al Mamzar North Salik Gate

Toll Fee: Dhs4

A single charge will be applied to drivers who pass through Al Mamzar South and North gates within an hour.

Where: Route E11, Al Ittihad Street. Near Al Nahada, Deira.


Al Safa Salik Gate

Toll Fee: Dhs4

Where: E11 route, Sheikh Zayed Road. Business Bay, near Business Bay Metro Station.


Airport Tunnel Salik Gate

Toll Fee: Dhs4

Where: Route D62, Beirut Street. Near Dubai International Airport.


Jebel Ali Salik Gate

Toll Fee: Dhs4

Where: Route E11, Sheikh Zayed Road. Near Jebel Ali Village.

How Much Does Salik Tag Cost?

You can purchase a Salik tag from any RTA Customer Support Centre, as well as from certain gas stations, grocery stores, and other locations around the city. A new Tag will cost you AED 25 ($6.80 USD).


A Salik tag costs 100 AED when purchased from an authorised Salik sales representative. Salik tag valued at 50 AED is included. The customer’s Salik account is credited with 50 AED in prepaid toll payments.

How to avoid salik dubai?

If you know how to avoid getting a toll charge, you probably won’t want to pay it. Such things should be considered:


  • Several of the toll plazas on the Salik, including the one near the Al Maktoum Bridge, do not always need payment. Even very few people are aware of it, it is true. The toll gates are often only free during off-peak hours, on public holidays, and on Fridays.
  • Excellent substitutes for the Salik route (that is, Sheikh Zayed Road) include the Al Khail road, the Mohammed Bin Zayed road, and the Emirates road.
  • To prevent fees, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your account balance and make sure it’s always in the positive. When a user’s balance drops below a certain limit, a warning message is sent to their phone through SMS.
  • Always remember to log in and update your profile.


Drivers in Dubai can avoid long lines and save time by using the Salik system to pay their tolls electronically. The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has approved it as a means of decreasing vehicular traffic and increasing the usage of public transportation. 


You can use your Salik at any of the specified toll gates in Dubai, and you can pay with cash or a credit card. Each ride’s price varies by area, but it’s still within most people’s price range. Salik in Dubai is an excellent option to paying road tolls at traditional booths or terminals due to its ease of use and convenience features.

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