Best Fuel Efficient Cars in UAE

Best Fuel Efficient Car in UAE 2023

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is renowned for its fast-paced driving culture and penchant for high-end automobiles. Fuel-efficient vehicles, however, are becoming increasingly popular in the UAE due to rising fuel prices and environmental concerns. 

These vehicles help the environment and the wallet by lowering carbon emissions and fuel consumption. Based on their fuel efficiency ratings, available amenities, and overall performance, the following article will examine the top 7 most fuel-efficient cars in the United Arab Emirates. 

We have everything from compact cars perfect for the city to roomy SUVs ready to meet your needs. Now, let’s take a deep dive into the world of fuel-efficient automobiles and investigate the finest models offered in the UAE.

The base mileage of a car is how far it can go on a certain amount of fuel. Cars that run on gasoline are measured in miles per gallon (MPG), while diesel cars are measured in kilometres per litre (KPL) (KPL).

The average number of miles driven annually in the UAE is a key part of determining the total cost of owning a car. Most of the time, cars that get better fuel mileage are more efficient. So, over time, they save money on gas.

Let’s see the best fuel-efficient cars in Dubai below,

1. Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V - Formuladriverentacar

This is the best part of the car, no doubt about it. This car won’t run out of gas because it doesn’t use much. You can drive the car for a week through some of Dubai’s worst traffic jams, school runs, and office rush hours and found that it used 7.6 litres of gas for every 100 kilometres.

Once we were driving at top speed on the highway, You can see that the gas mileage was much better, and we were only using 5 litres per 100 km. Now, this is top-notch, and there aren’t many cars that could beat these numbers.

Honda HR-V Specs

1.5L DOHC, i-VTEC, I4 Engine

CVT Transmission

17″ Alloy Wheels

119 Horsepower

2. Nissan Sunny

Nissan Sunny

The 1.6L engine in the Nissan Sunny 2023 UAE edition makes 110 horsepower and 156 Nm of torque. It can be driven with either a 6-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission, making shifting smoother and saving gas (up to 17 km/l). 

It also has high-tech driving features like Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC), which helps you keep your speed even when traffic changes quickly.

A few of its other performance features that make driving easier in any situation are Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Active Trace Control (ATC), and Traction Control System (TCS).

3. Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra

The Nissan Micra is an automatic hatchback with room for a family of five. It has a cruise control system and a steering wheel that can be used for many things. It also has a navigation system, which makes it a better car for families.

The Japanese Micra, which starts at Dh43,000 and has a 1.5L engine and a fuel economy of just over 16km per litre, gets better gas mileage than expected. There’s no doubt that it’s been popular all over the world since 1982.

4. Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi Mirage

The Mitsubishi Mirage is a compact car with room for five people and an automatic transmission. It is a basic two-wheel drive with continuous variable transmission (CVT). 

It has automatic temperature control and a Bluetooth and audio system built into the steering wheel. It comes in a variety of bright colours to match your style.

The Mitsubishi Mirage is the main and most cost-effective runner. A Mirage CVT 1.2 litre auto produces an excellent fuel economy of 4.1 litres per 100 kilometres.

It’s a simple car with three cylinders, front-wheel drive, and a five-person space. The Mirage only puts out 95g/km of CO2, which is as little as any machine could put out.

5. Kia Rio Sedan

Kia Rio Sedan

Despite this, the 2020 Rio has less power than its predecessors, it uses much less fuel. In the city, it gets 14.03 km per litre of fuel; on the highway, it gets 17.43 km per litre. People think that, among petrol cars, this is one of the greenest ones.

The K 1.4 MPI is the entry-level model in our lineup. The vehicle’s high-quality suspension makes travelling both on the highway and around town a breeze. The car’s steering provides good responsiveness and feedback, allowing for smooth cornering.

6. Toyota Yaris

best fuel efficient car in uae

This Yaris sedan has excellent amenities and is perfect as a starter vehicle, as it consumes little gas and is easy to park. The power comes from a quiet and smooth 4-cylinder engine displacing 1.5 litres, but it is not particularly potent. 

The Sedan’s combined fuel efficiency with its automatic transmission is a very respectable 6.7 litres per 100 kilometres.

7. Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai Accent is often ranked as the most fuel-efficient vehicle overall among non-electric automobiles. Because of its revolutionary engine configuration, the Accent can generate 120 horsepower while keeping a price on par with other vehicles in its class.

Despite the Hyundai Accent’s fuel-efficient engine, it gets 33 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on the highway.  A 5-inch touchscreen display, standard in the cabin of vehicles in the premium segment, is a nice touch.

Tips to Buy a Good Mileage Car in UAE

Learn more about the models of fuel-efficient cars by doing some preliminary research. See what kind of gas mileage various models receive and pick the one that works best for you.


  • If you’re concerned about gas mileage, using a smaller vehicle is best. You can save money on gas by purchasing a smaller vehicle if you do not need a large one for your everyday commute.
  • Consider purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle instead, as these types of vehicles are known for their superior fuel economy and lack of harmful emissions. They’re more costly upfront, but they’ll help you save a lot on gas in the long term.
  • The size of the engine is an important factor in fuel economy, with smaller engines providing greater mileage in most cases. Choose the ideal vehicle for your needs by researching its engine size compared to others.
  • Please take the automobile for a test drive before you buy it to get a feel for how it handles on the road. Make a well-informed choice by considering gas mileage, acceleration, and overall performance.
  • To get the best possible gas mileage from your vehicle, it is important to review the service records. Check for any major repairs or concerns affecting the car’s mileage by requesting the service records.
  • Talk price with the seller if you find a reliable used car with good mileage and want to save money. Effective bargaining can help you save both now and in the future.


You can find a fuel-efficient vehicle within your price range in the United Arab Emirates if you follow these guidelines. To make a smart purchase, getting as much information as possible, taking the automobile for a test drive, and haggling over the price is important.


In conclusion, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is seeing a rise in the popularity of fuel-efficient vehicles due to rising gasoline prices and environmental concerns. 

The seven vehicles we’ve covered in this piece are among the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly on the UAE market today. 

One can find a fuel-efficient vehicle that suits their needs, whether a compact city car or a large SUV. Before purchasing a high-mileage vehicle, look into its engine size, fuel efficiency ratings, and service history.

Keeping these suggestions in mind will help you choose wisely and provide access to the many advantages of fuel-efficient vehicles in the UAE.

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