Dubai Traffic Fines

All About Dubai Traffic Fines​

Everyone knows how thrilling and exciting driving in Dubai can be, especially when exploring the city in a luxury vehicle rented from a rental company.

Especially when out with friends, nobody likes to be bored while driving. Moreover, you will receive points against your record if you break the law while driving in Dubai.

Driving discipline is not something that is taken lightly in Dubai. Traffic offenses are noted seriously by Dubai’s Road and Public Transportation, which also punishes offenders.

They use modern detecting technologies to find offenders, so if you think you can get away with something, think again before you try to break the traffic rules.

One thing that no one like paying is traffic penalties.As transportation system users, we could sometimes pay traffic penalties anywhere in the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and others, even if we don’t also prefer that.

In UAE, there are many different kinds of traffic fines.

  • RTA traffic fines.
  • Traffic police fines. 

According to the different emirates, there will be fines from the traffic police in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman.

A list of various RTA and Dubai police fines is listed below; you can get all those details and be aware of the penalties while driving in Dubai.

  • Rash driving fine – AED 2000
  • Alcohol, Drugs, or any other substances – court decision
  • A vehicle without a number plate – AED 1000
  • Causing the death of others – Court Decision
  • Not stopping after the caused accident – Court Decision
  • Reckless driving – AED 2000
  • Crossing the speed limit – AED 1000
  • Not obeying the red signal – AED 800
  • Driving against traffic – AED 400
  • Pollution causes – AED 500
  • Turning the wrong way – AED 200
  • Using mobile on driving – AED 200

Even though Dubai is known for having the best road system in the world, there are still numerous things to keep in mind while driving. The worst fines are those for moving violations.

How to Avoid Traffic Fines

Nothing makes fun less enjoyable than being fine, especially when you are out on the road with your friends. As a result, not only your driving pleasure is negatively affected, but also your spotless driving record. Despite this, even the most proper drivers can sometimes make mistakes and break the law.

There will be a fine for every traffic crime in Dubai, and black points will also be added to the driver’s record. The driving license may also be canceled when there has been a serious law-breaking.

  • Drinking and driving
  • Parking in the wrong place
  • Do not run away
  • Using your mobile
  • Do not over speed
  • Wear seat belt
  • Do not cross the red signal
  • Have your license

How Long Does a Traffic Fine Take To Appear In Dubai?

Radar continually scans Dubai roadways for traffic infractions. If a fresh radar picks up the infraction, the fee will appear between 24 and three days later.

If an outdated radar does, however, detect the infraction, the fine will be posted on the Dubai Police website within a week to ten days.

What Happens If Not Paying The Fines In Dubai

The court may file a complaint about you with the Secretary of State if you do not pay fines and attend court. You will receive a “Failure To Appear – Traffic” warrant or your license will be canceled. You may be fined more, and your car may be seized if you do not pay.

You will receive a notification to pay for the tickets or challenge them if you have several outstanding tickets. The fines and booting charge for a booted car must be paid in 24 hours, or your vehicle will be immobilized by a wheel clamp known as a “Denver boot.”

A license cancellation often takes a short time to complete as you must pay a fee and serve a waiting period before it can be effective. However, you can reapply for your license after a minimum of one year when your driving privileges are permanently lost if your license is revoked.

If your license is canceled, it can commonly be a medical problem because you weren’t eligible, gave incorrect information, or didn’t fulfill a re-examination requirement.

Know About Salik Fines

Dubai’s Road and Transportation Authority operates the Salik traffic control system (RTA).Its objective is to reduce traffic jams so that you may drive quickly. As a result, manual toll gates are being replaced by automatic ones, which automatically deduct the road passage cost when vehicles pass through.

The Salik tag is a sticker that must be applied to your car’s windscreen. The government has mandated that Salik be used for all forms of road transportation. Therefore, one may purchase them online or at gas stations in Dubai. 

All users of the road need to accept UAE legislation regarding taxis, courier services, rental agencies, retail delivery, bus, and other rentals. These stickers must be on all of them. When a car passes through the Salik toll plaza, it is recognized.

On various locations along Dubai Roads, there are eight Salik toll gates. If you want to avoid paying any fines, you should avoid the following violations.

  • If you crossed any Salik toll gates without having enough money in your account and didn’t recharge it within five working days after the end of your trip, you would be fined.
  • Salik Dubai toll gates will fine you if you do not register for a Salik tag within 10 working days of starting your journey with a Salik tag.


To sum up, if you plan to rent a car in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, you should be aware of the RTA fine list because the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is committed to improving the country’s roads and transportation.  

The Salik fine, an overspeeding fee, a cost for operating a vehicle without the required papers, and a fine for parking in a restricted place are just a few of the particular laws and regulations that apply basically and there are also a number of other penalties.

If you hired the vehicle through Formula drive rent a car, the fine charges are also known as non-rental charges, and they will be taken from the credit card you provided.They may be taken many weeks after the rental is over. This depends on the updating system used or RTA.

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