Complete Guide on Rental Car Checklist

Rental car Checklist
Driving may be a great way to explore the city, relax, and decide whether you are traveling alone, with friends, family, or at work. However. When you first start traveling, You should have a checklist for renting a car. Since there are things you should be aware of and because it’s simple to leave anything behind at the checkout counter. Although it should be a relaxing, peaceful environment, most people hurry through it and miss something because they are so eager to get moving.

Things to know while renting a car:

Before You Rent a Car

Consult the insurance representative to determine your protection while renting a car and when it takes effect. Consult a professional for guidance on the sort of extra insurance that may be required, keeping in mind that “at-the-counter” insurance is some of the most expensive.  Find out if your road service provider covers service calls for rental cars. The good news in this situation is that the more established, reliable companies provide this service. Put a little flashlight in your carry-on luggage. If you pick up your rental car at night, you’ll need this to explore it.

While Renting a Car:

Walk around the vehicle to check for any evident damage on any of its four sides. Remember that you might have been held accountable for any unreported damage after you drive from the rental car. Especially when you rent a luxury car, you should check if any damage was not reported, and Ensure that the license plates are up to date.  Check the tires for proper pressure, excellent tread, and even wear on the track. Indicating a suspension, alignment, or tire upkeep issue. Significant gaps and tread wear on the tires are solid reasons to reject a car.

When Picking Up The Car:

Check what kind of gas or petroleum you require and note which side the fuel cap is on. Ask how to proceed if you lose your key, and note the emergency breakdown number. Ensure that you have a copy of the car rental contract or paperwork. Check the return procedure, especially if you are making a return outside regular business hours. Do you have a specific location where you need to leave the keys? Look for any noticeable damage as you go around the automobile and inspect the tires. On the dashboard, look at the fuel level and the mileage and note them. Do you need to return the car with the tank full or empty? Verify that the automobile already has a manual, spare tire, jack, and lug wrench. Before going, ensure everything is in working order, including the windshield wipers, mirrors, and lights. Make sure you understand where to find the reverse gear because it varies from car to automobile.

When Leaving The Car:

Note the miles and the fuel level. Please take pictures of the vehicle and verify it for any damage. Clean the areas in the boot or trunk, the glove box, and under the seats. If you can, get a receipt, or take a picture of the vehicle at the return area.

Things Needed When Renting a Car:

When renting a car, you need to do these things and some documents that rental agencies want.
  • Emirates ID
  • Credit Card
  • Confirmation number
  • Follow the pickup and return time
  • Inspect the car
  • Reject extra pricing

Things Needed When Returning a Car:

When returning a car, you need to do some things so that it will not make an issue when another person rents it. You need to check when leaving the vehicle in the rental garage thoroughly. You should know these things before leaving your car.
  • Fill the gas tank
  • Return the car during working hours
  • Snap, if any damage
  • Finally, get a receipt

Reporting Vehicle Condition: Steps To Follow

Personal thoughts or opinions on car conditions shouldn’t be included in the vehicle condition report (unless clarification is needed). Disclaimers should not be included in the vehicle condition report, as it is only for record-keeping purposes.
  • Creating a checklist
  • A general view of the vehicle
  • Vehicle Interior
  • Vehicle Exterior 
  • Safety Concern

Can Someone Else Return My Rental Car:

You may allow someone else to return your rental vehicle if they have listed as a driver on your rental agreement. In this case, you must contact the rental agency and ask for an adjustment. Do this only if required because there may be an administrative charge. However, this is necessary for the other individual to be covered by the vehicle’s insurance.

Compare Online Rental Prices

To get a decent deal:
  1. Check vehicles rental rates on well-known rental websites.
  2. Limit your choices based on the town you’re touring and how long you’ll need the car.
  3. Inquire about or research any additional costs made by a car rental provider.
  4. Take into account the extras or benefits that the rental company is providing to its drivers. 
Rental companies often charge underage driver fees for drivers under 25. You’ll have to pay airport fees if you are picking up the car at the airport. You can be charged extra costs if you use the vehicle with several drivers or go above your daily mileage limitation.


Your traveling adventures will be as enjoyable as the means of transportation you choose to take in the terrain. When traveling to a new location or your vehicle can’t handle the terrain, renting a car is a great option. Use the vehicle rental service’s advice on hiring a car to make your vacation worthwhile. Are you interested in renting a car to explore Dubai’s stunning landscapes? Formula Drive Rent a Car offers cars with 24/7 help, unlimited mileage, and affordable airport transportation fares. Choose a rental car immediately, and we’ll execute your order in minutes.
Rental Car Checklist
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