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Five Common Car Boot – Know This before Hiring Rental Cars

It’s usual to rent a car in Dubai for various reasons, such as making the daily journey to work or using a larger vehicle for a fun weekend getaway with the family. Many brands provide various automobile types with different amenities, such as economy cars, sports cars, and bigger SUVs. 

The car boot space capacity is an important element, in addition to seating capacity and driving features. It would be best if you rent the right vehicle type with the right level of boot space based on your specific luggage needs. The car boot size is measured in liters.

In the car boot, you can select between five types based on how many people you are sitting with during your journey and how much luggage you have so that you can travel in comfort.


The average size for a car boot is about 280 – 300L which is a compact size for single or two-person luggage. Some cars with 100 – 200L of boot space will be sports cars. 


The deep size is for three persons; it is about 360 – 400L and can hold up to 422L in total. And there are many cars in our garage with this type.


These large-sized boot cars can accommodate 5 persons, and the car boot space has 400 – 550L, where you can keep even different-shaped bags and suitcases.

Extra large

Extra large has more space even in front and back. These cars have filled with 440 – 650L. You can keep all your belongings and other things inside the more spacious boot, which frees the front seat.


This Colossal size is the largest in cars with a capacity of 700 – 1300L, where one person can sleep comfortably inside the boot space. This makes the journey neat and luxurious without disturbance, and the trip can go on. 

Which Car Boot Size Is Right For You?

Common Car Boot

If your family is large, you’ll probably want a car to carry all your belongings when you go on vacations and weekends away together. It would help if you chose vehicles with a boot capacity of 500 liters or more.

Others don’t accord boot capacity much that, and if you’re looking for a car that can go quickly through cities or down country roads without taking up large space, a vehicle with a smaller boot could be your best choice. A 300-liter boot or less might be enough if you want a smaller automobile and don’t need much storage room.

Cars With Spacious Boot Sizes That We Have

You don’t have to sacrifice boot space if you rent smaller cars. All vehicles on this list have rather sizable boot spaces that can carry a pushchair or stroller. Most can fit a mountain bike if the seats have folded down.

Usually, sedans and SUVs only will have more boot space and cabin space to make the long travel comfortable. There are some cars in our garage which have more space in the car boot.

  • Range Rover – 480L
  • Kia Pegas – 475L
  • Maserati Ghibli – 500L
  • Audi Q3 – 530L
  • Audi A5 – 465L
  • Nissan Kicks – 400L
  • Nissan Patrol – 550L
  • Range Rover Vogue – 1050L
  • Range Rover SVR – 1000L
  • Mercedes Benz AMG G63 – 480L
  • Renault Symbol – 510L
  • Land Cruiser – 621L
  • Cadillac Escalade – 373L
  • Ford Bronco Wild Trak – 1233L
  • Jeep Wrangler – 897L
  • Corvette – 356L

Comparison of car boot sizes

The average boot size for a normal car starts from 300L, and most sports cars do not have boots, and if they do have, that will be around 100L to 200L. Here we are going to see the comparison of different types of cars.

Economy Cars

This Economy car is a decent car for one family; they can happily go on a trip with their minimum luggage for a journey of one week. There will be a boot space; this economy type of car is between 400L to 500L and has more cabin space. 

Sports Cars:

Most sports cars do not have boot spaces; if it has, that would be between 100L and 200L. No, this is not a car for a long trip with luggage, this is a car that thrills with speed, and this is not a car for a family.

SUV Cars

This SUV offers boot space of more than 600Liters and this is the perfect car for getting on a trip with family, friends, and with others. SUV gives more room in both the front cabin and boot. Even 8 people can travel luxuriously with more luggage and suitcases.

Small Cars Big Boot Space:

The range of city cars, superminis, and compact SUVs shows that small cars may have spacious storage. Each provides lots of legroom, practicality, and enough boot capacity.

Each of these vehicles can accommodate many things thanks to their large trunks, and they also set an example of how much space can be loaded into even the smallest cars.

How To Sleep using Car Boot Space?

Checking that the seats fold entirely flat is useful when renting a car to sleep in. When there are enough spaces in the back of the vehicle for you to lay down flat, it is much more comfortable.

Larger vehicles with lots of space for you to lie down flat are certainly the finest cars to sleep in. So, Check the seats fold down properly with a flat surface.

Finding the ideal vehicle for sleeping in has many advantages, including increased travel flexibility and cost savings over staying in hotels.

How Can I Maximize Car Boot Space:

You can easily maximize the boot space in cars like SUVs and sedan-type cars by folding the seats and enlarging your booting space. 

In most cases, boot space has expressed in liters. Because boot spaces have not considered having an “ideal” shape for measurement, measuring in liters will provide an accurate reading for these distinctive shapes and sizes.

Most cars have a 300-liter trunk, but it can often pay attention to other features, like how straight the floor is for loading heavier objects and how different the boot shape and form are.


Space in the car is becoming more and more valuable as the holiday season approaches and more people buy food and other items. No matter what car you’re renting—a small, medium, or a large one—a good-sized boot is something many car renters seek. So we decided to take the time to list our greatest vehicles with the largest boots!

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